Dr. Pradeep B. Vishwakarma

We at SOLEOUS believe that each client is uinque in his or her weight problem therefore we take a scientific approach to weight loss, offering you customised solutions that address your core problem. Our doctors and dieticians study your diet history and create modified diets so suit your lifestyles. So you don't have to go on crash diet or take appetite suppressants, instead you can do it easy way, youe own way.

Using the latest international technology, we help in increasing blood circulation and better muscular movement, which are normally impaired as as result of high fat mass. These help in utilising the local fat deposits and get rid of metabolic wastes and toxins. So you can enjoy a trimmer, more youthful appearance, whatever you age. To complete your transformation, you can also enjoy our specified skin care and Hair care services.

This diet programme diary will be your guide and ours through your period with us at SOLEOUS, here you will find valuable information to help through your course and this diary will also keep track of your progress with us

We welcome you to the beginning of a whole new life

Cheers to a slimmer you!